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Introducing AudioSolutions and Figaro series loudspeakers

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Over the last few years, while browsing various Facebook audio groups, I've noticed interesting looking speakers from a company called AudioSolutions based in Lithuania. If you've been following this blog for a while, you know my philosophy. High end gear not only has to to sound great, it has to look great too. And AudioSolution speakers do look great.

A great example of this is their Vantage 5th anniversary series of speakers. Just scroll through the image gallery below and see for yourself.

Aren't they beautiful? Very striking speakers accented by orange lines around the drivers and the badge. Look at the attention to detail!

Founded in the fall of 2011 by a talented speaker engineer Gediminas Gaidelis, AudioSolutions speakers are produced and manufactured in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Development of these fine speakers is a true challenge. AudioSolutions team combines laws of physics with design, manufacturing stability and customers' needs to make perfect speakers. Every smallest part is hand crafted and inspected for any flaws.

The newest range of AudioSolutions speakers is called Figaro. It consist of 4 tower speaker models, 1 bookshelf/satellite model and 1 centre channel model:

  • Figaro XL

  • Figaro L

  • Figaro M

  • Figaro S

  • Figaro B

  • Figaro C

A few words about Figaro from Gediminas himself. "Figaro line is the next step in the Rhapsody range; it is manufactured according to the same standard as its predecessor, with a particular attention to the quality of its parts, manufacturing process and the result – the perfect sound.

Now, after 6 years of development, we can offer a much more efficient production and a much better sound quality thanks to our signature Self-Locking cabinet technique, mini-horn for tweeter and other unique features used in all our speakers, some of these features can be found in Vantage, our flagship product. Figaro line is the result of our hard work and dedication. We offer considerably lower prices than our competitors. This may be hard to believe and seem like another cheap promotional trick, but the truth is we do sell a quality product for a very attractive price. It comes as no surprise knowing that our company is very ambitious and is constantly looking for new ways to offer our clients the best price to quality ratio. At AudioSolutions we feel that although veneer is a nice, high-quality finish, it already feels old-school and looks somewhat incongruous in contemporary living room interiors. This is why we have gradually changed our production range to more modern looking speakers. In fact, I think this is one of the reasons why the popularity of stereo sets is dropping. Young sophisticated urbanites have beautiful modern homes and they simply don't want classical looking wooden boxes. This is why Figaro was designed to replace the Rhapsody series, just like before that Overture was designed to change the Euphony series speakers that had been around for 6 successful years and gained a number of awards. Figaro stays faithful to the same style as Overture or Vantage series and seamlessly fits in the AudioSolutions production portfolio."

Each Figaro model is offered in as many as 17 different finishes allowing even most picky taste find their colour. Among all popular high gloss Xiralic finishes the company offers such unique looking surfaces as 3D textured high gloss finishes, or three different colours of linen fiber in high gloss. Such new never seen and never used finishes allow people or interior designers make speakers an accent of living room or part of interior decoration rather than trying to make speakers as much invisible as possible. The goal is that young people who own, planning to own or design their dream homes with the help of professional designers could choose such finishes which will not be boring or out-dated in a few months, but rather be modern and highly decorative in everyday environment.

Here are examples of the Figaro XL model in different finishes. Scroll through the images below.


So how do the speakers sound? Well, you will have to wait a month or two to read my review of the Figaro M. Following my tip, Jonathan Badov of Sonic Artistry met Gediminas at Munich High End 2018 and listened to Figaro XL.

He liked them so much he decided to bring 3 models over to Canada - XL, L and M. When they arrive, I will be auditioning the M and writing a review. I believe this will be AudioSolutions debut in Canada, if not in all of North America. For more information on AudioSolutions speakers and distribution in the rest of the world, please visit their website

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