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Wilson Audio Alexx and Yvette debut (short report)

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Another event I attended on November 5th was the debut of Wilson Audio's two new model speakers - the Alexx and the Yvette. It was held at Audio Excellence store in Woodbridge, Ontario.

While this event wasn't as grandiose or as glamorous as the one at Wynn Audio earlier in the day, I still enjoyed it every much, particularly the Alexx presentation, led by Wilson Audio representative Bill Peugh.

Wilson Audio have a long and storied history and I was eager to hear the new offerings from such an iconic brand in the high end audio industry.

The room they had Alexx in wasn't nearly as glamorous as Wynn Audio and it was pretty cramped even though there weren't many people in the room. But the equipment used was excellent, none the less. Wilson Audio Alexx were driven by Dan D'Agostino's Momentum monoblock amps and preamp. Digital front end was dCS Rossini Player and Clock with MSB Technology Analog DAC. Cabling was by Nordost. Great sounding setup.

The other room had the new Yvette driven by full Naim electronics setup. But if you ask me, it should have been the other way around. This room was much bigger. I am not sure if it was the room acoustics or Naim electronics, but it didn't sound good. I was all alone in this room so I played around with the volume all I wanted. Pink Floyd's "The Dark Side of the Moon" was on, but as much as I love this album, I did not enjoy it. They should have used something other than Naim to drive the Yvette. A shame really.

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