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A visit to a local audiophile's home

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

I was invited to a party at a a local audiophile's home. which included amazing food, socializing with great people from the local audiophiles club, and listening to awesome music on some of the amazing analog gear available today.

The host's system included:

Marting Logan CLX electrostatic speakers and JL Audio subs

Conrad Johnson tube power amplifiers

Audio Research 40th Anniversary Reference preamplifier

CH Precision P1 phono stage

JC Verdier La Platine turntable

TW Acustic Raven turntable

Clearaudio ZYX cartridge

ZYX cartridge

Some of the music that we played on vinyl:

"I Do It For Your Love" by Bill Evans from The Paris Concert, Edition 1

"Autumn Leaves" by Eva Cassidy from Songbird

"My Foolish Heart" by Bill Evans from Plays For Lovers

"Help Me" by Joni Mitchell from Court and Spark

"Hang on to Your Love" by Sade from Diamond Life

"Same To You" by Melody Gardot from Currency Of Man

Overall a very lush, warm sound that I enjoyed.

Stay tuned for more reports!

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